Here we go again

I am getting better at taking pictures and I find it gives me peace. So I am going to start again posting.

Friday after work I decided to go and take a walk before coming home and I found this water fountain. It was a nice place to walk and there were not that many bugs. I also found some great Pokemon and yes I am playing Pokemon Go.

The slight fire

This is a picture of the smoke from the slide fire in Arizona.

I went to high school in Flagstaff, so when I saw this story and where the fire was. I had to read the story many times. I know were the fire is. I have been up and down some of those roads. I can not believe how big this fire has gotten. I pray everyday that the fire gets under control very soon.

Sun tea

During this week, that I did not have to work. I was able to make sun tea. I did not make it one time but many times.

It’s been so long since I’ve made sun tea I didn’t think I could remember. I forgot how much I liked sun tea.

Something that put a smile on my face

Seeing this was funny to me.

When my fiancé and I went to the zoo we had to remember were we parked. It just so happened that we needed to remember big fish. I never thought this was a company.

High score for me

I have been playing this game for a bit longer then I should have been. It is one of those games that I can pick it up and put down very easily. I am not that great at it but I have never ever, gotten this high. I had to take a screen shot to show off.

It is just one of those things that has no meaning. On the other hand it does have a meaning because I took the time to put it up in a post.

If the refrigerator could tell a story

Over the weekend my fiancé was home from North Dakota.

As you can see the refrigerator is full of food. A lot of the times, when he’s gone there’s nothing in the refrigerator because I don’t eat a whole lot. Yet when there is two of us I seem to eat a lot more.

Counting coins

My Task was to find all the quarters for laundry.

It really did not take me that long but it was fun. I felt like I was a little kid. When I was little and you could still roll your change in the rappers my dad would let us do that. The first thing was to find all the same kind of coin. Then it was putting them in stacks of five or ten. It was at this point I was given the coin wrappers. I felt like I was a teller. I took pride in what I was doing.

Now I look back and I think why did dad just not take the change to the bank and have them count the change. The other thing that my dad might have been doing is putting is kid to work for him. However, it might have been a way to keep my sister and I a part so we would stop fighting each other. (sister love)

Whatever the reason was, I believe that I found out what I wanted to be when I grew up. So thanks dad for teaching me that banking was going to be my calling in life.

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